What do we do?

What Do We Do?

Our function is to advise and inform the customer at all times, of the different options you have, when requesting our services for the development of the creation of your trip, whether in transport, stay, catering, activities, tours taking...constant contact with the customer before and during the trip.

How do we do it?

After purchasing the service that best suits the customer, we get in touch by means of video call, phone call, email or WhatsApp, to be able to maintain a meeting and to know what needs and desires they would like to have in their dream trip. We will send you different options with the links of what the customer requests so that you can decide, since it is they themselves who book the services and choose which ones are for them that best suit their tastes.

How to Pay?

When selecting one of our products, the customer will be redirected to the registration screen where they will finally be able to choose which payment option you prefer. There are certain products, which due to their complexity you need to contact before you have the closed price, once you know the price and acceptance by the customer, you will be sent a link so that you can pay for the service.